Buttonwood Cloud Analytics

Buttonwood’s Cloud Analytics program delivers you important insights into your cloud spend. By collecting and analysing the complex data given to us from your cloud providers, you can use Analytics to identify and understand where your cloud spend is going, who is consuming and deploying in cloud and how you cloud spend can be optimised, in a way that can be understood by your organisation.  

With Buttonwood Cloud Analytics, you have the power to integrate and personalise your existing Azure and AWS cloud accounts and resources, giving you a deeper understanding about your organisation’s cloud expenditure.

Your organisation can use Analytics to gain deep insights into cloud usage and associated costs, which provides greater agility in increasing cost efficiency and meeting business demands. Customise the way you view your data to create reports that work within your organisation.

Buttonwood Analytics give you’re the opportunity to allocate a class to each of your instances and then tag it across all bills. Your reports will then present your cloud spend in line with your organisation's structure, projects or cost centre.

Analytics simplifies your cloud accounts allowing you to analyse your cloud usage quickly and succinctly, giving you complete control over your cloud bills.

Users can:

  • View cloud spend across providers in simple charts
  • Understand the percentage of cost each resource is consuming
  • Track deployments and understand what your spend is delivering
  • View the exchange rate against your bill over time to help make sense of increase and decreases in costs
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