Broker Plugins

Buttonwood has developed a series of plugins to help you consume cloud services with confidence and control. Designed to help manage, secure, protect and govern cloud deployments. 

Networker Plugin

The Networker plugin integrates to allow you to define a data protection policy that is automatically associated with all workloads deployed on premise or in cloud. Using new cloud native functionality, you can rest assured that your critical workloads will always be protected regardless of where they land - private (VMware) or public (AWS and Azure) cloud.

Puppet Plugin 

The Puppet plugin allows you to publish predefined classes to the Composer. These classes (code) can then be used to model complete application stacks as part of the blueprint design process.  Further extending the power of this approach is the ability to pass run-time parameters to Puppet from dynamic cloud services included in the blueprint.

Commvault Plugin 

The Commvault plugin associates custom tags to a workload on deployment to enable the Commvault media server to index and catalogue cloud services for protection. Commvault uses this custom Tag to backup cloud instances, volumes and native services such as AWS RDS databases.

ScienceLogic Plugin

The ScienceLogic plugin registers nominated workloads with ScienceLogic for detailed monitoring and reporting.  ScienceLogic automatically discovers and monitors against predefined SLA's all deployed services including compute, storage and network - both on premise and in cloud.  For deeper insight into VM resourcing a secure agent can be installed to collect detailed performance and capacity metrics not accessible via the cloud services API (CloudWatch etc.).

ServiceNow Plugin 

The ServiceNow plugin was designed to support the Service Management events: Request, Change, Asset and Incident. On deployment, the Cloud Broker invokes the ServiceNow plugin to register all newly created assets in the CMDB. To conform with ITIL best-practises, a Change request is open/closed for audit purposes. If the deployment fails an Incident is logged automatically.

Zerto Plugin 

The Zerto plugin was developed to enable you to adopt DR-as-a-Service with simplicity and control.  Defined on a workload by workload basis, critical business services can be modelled and protected in Cloud with user defined RTO/RPOs.  In the event of a failure, you can initiate a fail-over of a site or individual workload with a single click from our 3rd site - The Cloud Exchange, where all protected workloads are registered.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plugin

The AWS Cloud Provider plugin allows you to model extensible cloud blueprints that leverage the power of the AWS platform. Drag and drop compute, network and common services (such as load balancing), as well as AWS specific services such as RDS to build powerful outcomes for your organisation.

Microsoft Azure Plugin 

The Azure Plugin helps you discover, manage and report on all existing cloud resources currently deployed across all your Azure accounts. Blueprints can be modelled to harness the power of the Azure platform across leading cloud services for improved agility at the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid (LCCB).

VMware Plugin 

The VMware plugin allows you to build 'true' hybrid cloud blueprints. Model on premise applications that leverage the power of native cloud services. Catalogue existing VMs and allocate to Cost Centres for charge back/show back.



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