What are the different types of policies?

There are five types of policies you can create for your environments.

Hours of Operation

If you don't need to support a solution 24/7 why waste the money doing so?

Hours of Operation Policies can be specified down to 15 minute increments.


Drag a box on the grid to quickly change a block of time 

gives you a clear timetable


gives you the 60 hour a week "sweet spot" for saving money


Use the provider policy to exclude any provider who is not suitable for use in an environment or for a particular workload. 


 Use the tree structure to find the regions most suitable for your solution.


  • (TBC) Future offerings from providers you have included in your provider policy will be automatically included if you  select a country or region.   You can exclude them by selecting a specific leaf.


Control CPU, Memory and Disk ratios using a simple percentage slider. 

Maximum lease duration

This policy allows you to choose the maximum number of days a deployment can be used for.

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