Who can see our expenditure?

As an organisation you decide how best to manage your money, Buttonwood is keen to help.  You've got a few different options to help you get the right people accessing the information they need.

First of all someone needs to be across it all and able to deal with anything, that's your Org Admin.

Other than that the decision on who can see the information is set individually for each Cost Centre and Budget.  

Each Cost Centre is created with an owner. If staff change roles the Administrator can change the owner of a Cost Centre.

Budgets are similar, they have a manager and that role can also be changed as needed, to any registered user. Budget consumers can charge costs against a budget but have no visibility of that budget.

You can send email Budget Summaries and Alerts to anyone, even if they are not Buttonwood users.


Roles and Responsibilities, Budgets, Cost Centres

Financial Summary on your Dashboard, Managing the $s

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