What are the Advantages of Buttonwood?

Buttonwood enables the secure consumption and integration of multiple public cloud offerings within a single platform. We provide the enterprise with the flexibility to choose, the agility to migrate and the benefits of cost savings, while at the same time delivering financial transparency and operational consistency.

Buttonwood can be used in all types of Organisations

Any organisation using public cloud services should be interested in Buttonwood, particularly if they are seeking to –

  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate business agility
  • Increase security and governance
  • Improve financial transparency

Any organisation with more than three external 3 SaaS corporate applications will also benefit from using Buttonwood products. Research has shown that user administration becomes complex and costly once an enterprise has more than 3 external SaaS applications.

Buttonwood reduces Cloud Costs

The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange contains an intelligent ‘decision engine’ for selecting cost efficient cloud end-points based on the Service Level Objectives of a workload. Independent studies have shown that by intelligently deploying each workload, organisations can achieve significant savings compared to a single Cloud Service Provider arrangement.

Buttonwood provides a choice of two of the leading Cloud Service Providers

The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange currently supports AWS and Microsoft. We are currently working to add Dimension Data and Telstra.

Additional Cloud Service Provider platforms will be added based on customer demand.

Buttonwood provide workload portability between Cloud Service Providers

Buttonwood enables the bi-directional migration of virtual machines across Cloud Service Providers – VMware to AWS, AWS to Azure, Azure to Dimension Data and so on. 


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