What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Users?

A range of functions are available to Buttonwood users based on the Roles and Responsibilities assigned to them.


Exchange Standard User, Exchange Administrator, Exchange Organisation Administrator

Broker Standard User, Broker Administrator


Budget Consumer, Budget Manager, Cost Centre Owner

Broker Access Levels:

Read, Write, Delete


Role access is separate for Exchange and Broker, to access the exchange you will need a user record in the Exchange.  To access the Broker you will need an account provisioned via LDAP.

Permissions are cumulative which means that an Administrator can do the all the things a Standard User can do and they have some extra functionality, the Organisation Administrator can do all of the things and Administrator can do plus some extra functionality.

Exchange Standard User

An Exchange Standard User can:

  • Access My Applications
  • Access Budgets or Cost Centres that they own/manag

Exchange Administrator

An Exchange Administrator can also:

  • Manage existing Users and Applications
  • View the SaaS Dashboard

Exchange Organisation Administrator

An Exchange Organisation Administrator can also:

  • Create Users
  • Add Applications from the Catalog
  • Add Cost Centres and Budgets
  • Manage their Organisation’s details

Note - The Organisation Administrator role is granted and removed on the Org Administrators tab of the Manage Organisation page.

Broker Standard User

A Broker Standard User can:

  • Access the Overview
  • Deploy their Catalog items
  • Access their Workloads
  • Monitor their requests

Broker Administrator

A Broker Administrator can:

  • Manage Environments, Blueprints, Workloads, Global Policies and Cloud VMs
  • Deploy Catalog items
  • Access their Workloads
  • Monitor Requests and Cloud Links
  • Manage Systems Status, Settings, Networks, Providers
  • View Usage


Budget Consumer

Budget consumers are managed through the Consumers tab in the Budget Details Page.  Budget Consumers need to have a matched account (minus the domain identifier) provisioned via LDAP to be able to use Broker functionality.

A Budget Consumer can:

  • Accumulate charges against a particular Budget

Budget Manager

Budget managers are managed through the Budget Details Page.

In addition to standard user functions a Budget Manager can:

  • Manage their own budgets
  • Add consumers to their budgets

Cost Centre Owner

Cost Centre Owners are managed through the Cost Centre Details Page.

In addition to standard user functions a Cost Centre Owner can:

  • Manage their own cost centre
  • Create budgets for their cost centre

Broker Access Levels


Read access allows:

  • View of Catalog item


Write access allows:

  • Update of the Catalog item


Delete access allows:

  • Deletion of the Catalog item


Granting Catalog access in Broker

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