Filters, Buttons & Icons

Buttonwood Cloud Exchange includes a number of filters, buttons and icons.  The following will assist you to become familiar with them.

  1. Filters
  2. Buttons
  3. Icons
  4. Sub Menus


Start typing in the filter box to reduce the list. The filter will find both partial and full matches. 


Reduce the list by selecting to see only those with a particular status



Use this button to confirm an action  OR

Use the OK button to [end result]


Use this button to cancel an action


Click to add a new record


Click to modify an existing record


Click this button to go to the next step of the Wizard


Click to select an image to use as an icon on an Application Workspace Tile


Click to see the CHOOSE COLOUR button or the colour text and select a colour


Choose a colour to be the background or text colour for a tile on your Application Workspace


Allows you to import multiple users via import of a CSV file


Click this button to select Users within your Organisation who will be given access to an Application


Click this button to remove all assigned Users from an Application


Use this switch to Enable or Disable


Click to save your Workspace layout


Gives menus that allow you to change your personal settings

Adds a personal application


Provides access to a help/support menu or loads online help specific to the popup window you are viewing


Closes a popup


Adds the content that your current list view doesn’t include under each list item


Shows a context-specific drop down list of options


Reverses the order of the list using the current sort criteria


Indicates an alternate sort field


Resizes application tiles


Resets your Application Workspace to the default layout


Adds highlighted items to the selected item list


Removes highlighted items from the selected item list


Adds all items to the selected item list


Removes all items from the selected item list


Toggles between tile view and list view on the Workspace



Shows a context-specific drop down list of options


View the Details page


View a list of Budgets for this Cost Centre


View a list of Charges for this Cost Centre


View Users assigned to the selected Application


View the list of Applications


Show the role of the selected user

      Reset Password

Reset the password for the selected user


View the alert details page


View details of the Budget Summaries


View the current threshold settings


View the list of users who are able to consume funds from a particular budget


Remove the individual record OR Remove the [subject] details

   Download PNG

Download a charts in PNG format

   Download JPEG

Download a chart in JPEG format

   Download PDF

Download a chart in PDF format

   Download SVG

Download a chart in SVG Vector format


Navigating lists

Log a support ticket or ask the Community

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