Can I Use Buttonwood with existing Cloud subscriptions?

Start from where you are at today

Bringing your own software/cloud service is a great way to start using Buttonwood and see the benefits it has to offer. You can bring your organisations existing cloud services such as your IaaS or SaaS subscriptions and Buttonwood will manage and govern them for you. 

Payments are still made directly to your software provider however you can easily define the payment model within Buttonwood, to provide governance, project your spend and to have full financial visibility of your cloud expenditure. 

How to set up Buttonwood for BYO software:

  1. Load your users
  2. Add your application/s
  3. Add a Budget 

Keys to success for BYO software:

  1. Keep your Cost Schedule and User information up to date in Buttonwood
  2. Remove users who are not using an application from both the Application and Buttonwood
  3. Understand the 3 types of Cost Schedules and ensure each application is set up to reflect your payment model 

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