Google API Integration Troubleshooting

 Error Integrating your Application 

Error! Your Google account is not Authorised to access Google Apps account details. Check whether you typed the Google Admin account correctly in the textbox. Make sure you have enabled API Key access for your Google account.  Sign out from your Google account in your browser and try again.


We didn't get an OK back from Google to be able to manage your users through Buttonwood.

Possible Causes

  1. A typo in the account name
  2. Being logged into another Google account (this was my problem)
  3. The API key is not enabled

Solution Options

  • Check if you're logged into the right Google account
  • look at the top right of your browser for something like this:  
  • if it's not the right account name click on the icon and choose the Sign out button and go back to the app and try again
  • If you're account details are right go to the Google Admin console, click on the Security icon and then check your API reference to ensure you have it enabled.


Log a support ticket or ask the Community



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