Buttonwood Cloud Broker Installation

This procedure describes how to install the Cloud Broker virtual appliance in a VMware environment.

To install the Cloud Broker OVA, complete the following.

  1. Download the Buttonwood Cloud Broker OVA to your desktop.
  2. Connect to your vCenter using vSphere Web Client.
  3. In the vSphere Web Client login dialog box, enter your login credentials.
  4. In the vSphere Web Client, right-click your vCenter Server instance and select Deploy OVF Template…
  5. On the Select Source page, select Local file option and browse to select the Cloud Broker OVA file that you have downloaded and then click Next.
  6. On Review details page, click Next.
  7. On Select Name and Folder page, enter a name for the Cloud Broker and select a Data Center or folder, then click Next.
  8. On Select a resource page, select a cluster or a resource pool or a host in which to run the Cloud Broker and click Next.
  9. On Select storage page, complete the following then click Next.
  10. On Setup networks page, select a Destination port group and click Next.
  11. On Customize template page, fill out the required following information and then click Next.
  12. On Ready to complete page, review the information and click Finish to deploy the OVA.  Wait for the OVA deployment to complete before performing the next task.

Powering on the Broker

To power on the Cloud Broker and perform connectivity test, complete the following.

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, right-click the Cloud Broker virtual appliance deployed in previous steps and select Power On.
  2. Launch Remote Console and monitor the boot progress of the Cloud Broker VM.  The appliance will go through a power recycle to set its IP addressing.
  3. Once the console shows the login prompt.  Switch to vSphere Web Client to perform the next task.
  4. In the Summary page of the Cloud Broker VM, note the IP address of the Cloud Broker VM.
  5. Perform a ping test to ensure the Cloud Broker has network connectivity.  If ping test failed, review the appliance network settings as necessary.  If the connectivity issue persists, delete and redeploy the Cloud Broker appliance.

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