Creating a Deployment

A workload is deployed by selecting the required Blueprint and giving the deployment a unique Name, choosing a Cost Centre and a Lease End Date for the workload.

Note - a user cannot deploy a workload unless they have a Cost Centre with a valid Budget.

To create a Deployment:

  1. Navigate to the Catalog
  2. Under Blueprints tab, click on the blueprint tile you wish to deploy.
  3. In Deploy window, enter the following.
    • Name – Name of the deployment.
    • Cost Centre – Name of Cost Centre.
    • Lease End Date – Lease end date for the deployment.
    • Description – Description of the deployment.

    4. Click

    5. Calculating LCCB - The Cloud Broker sends the workload configuration and associated Policies to the        Buttonwood Cloud Exchange to cost the workload deployment based on the chosen Lease period. The        Buttonwood Cloud Exchange calculates the Lowest Cost Conforming Bid or LCCB. The results returned        in a summary screen allowing the user to review the information before commiting to deploying the          workload.

    6. Click button to deploy the workload.

    7. In JobDetails tab, click button to monitor the progress of the deployment.

    8. A fully running deployment will have details similar to the following example screen.



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