Using your Broker

After the initial setup using the Admin Console UI is completed and user accounts are set up in Buttonwood Cloud Exchange, the Cloud Broker is ready for user logging in.


To log in to the Cloud Broker, complete the following.

  1. Launch a web browser.
  2. In the address field, enter the following URL:





     3. A login page should appears as seen below.

    4. Log in using an authorised AD/LDAP user credential.

NOTE – The AD/LDAP user account must be a member of the AD/LDAP group named BROKER_USER in order to be able to log in successfully.  For a Cloud Broker Administrator, the AD/LDAP user account must also be a member of the BROKER_ADMIN group.

   5. Once logged in, you should see the Cloud Broker Overview page. (see example screen below)   


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